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1 Pair Of Professional Table Tennis Table Tennis Rackets And Bats 3 Piece Ball Bag Set


  • Professional Table Tennis Set: This set includes a pair of professional-grade table tennis rackets and bats, along with a convenient 3-piece ball bag, providing everything you need for exciting table tennis matches.
  • High-Quality Rackets: The included rackets and bats are designed for precision and control. They feature durable, high-quality materials and a comfortable grip, allowing players of all levels to enjoy a responsive and accurate gameplay experience.
  • Ball Storage: The 3-piece ball bag is designed to keep your table tennis balls organized and easily accessible. It’s a practical addition for players who want to have extra balls on hand during intense matches.
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It is a bit of step up in speed and takes you to the next level.

This racket is great to learn more intermediate techniques like forehand,backhand top spin,etc.

The surface is sticky enough so when you slice the ball it really gives it an extra something.

Really well-made,professional feeling paddle,you will feel well-balanced in your hand.



Condition:100% Brand new

Material:Pimples-in Rubber Pad+Wood Handle

Baseboard Layer Number: 7

Pattern: FL Type(Long Handle / Horizontal Grip / Shake-hand Grip)

FL Size: (L)X(W) 25X15cm / 9.92”X5.94”(approx.)

FL size length of handle :3.98inches


Package included:

1 Pair Table tennis racket

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 273 × 171 × 33 cm



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