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Electric angle grinding belt machine


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Made of high-quality iron, it is not easy to rust, wear-resistant, and has a long service life.

You can turn an angle grinder into a DIY sander.

Easy to use and operate, belt installation is both practical and simple.

With a comfortable handle, it is more convenient to use.

The belt adapter is suitable for 740 * 40mm or 740 * 20mm belts.

Widely used in the grinding of welded joints, stainless steel handrails, wood seams, cutting edges, etc.


Material: Iron

Colour: Black

Adapter: M10 / M14 (optional)

Suitable electric grinder: M10 adapter 100mm (4 inches) / M14 adapter 115mm (4.5 inches), 125mm (5 inches)

Shaft diameter: 20mm / 0, 8 inches

Belt size: 60/120/240/400/600#

Abrasive materials: glass, wood, plastic, stainless steel, metal, etc.

Additional information

Weight 1.74 kg
Dimensions 320 × 220 × 90 cm

Belt machineM10, Belt machineM14, Sand belt 60, Sand belt 60 10pcs, Sand belt120, Sand belt120 10pcs, Sand belt240, Sand belt240 10pcs, Sand belt400, Sand belt400 10pcs, Sand belt600, Sand belt600 10pcs


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